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since 2005


Born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, my earliest memories of my childhood are my family on the farm struggling to make deadlines and ends meet.  Born in the middle of three girls and sister to three boys, our lives consisted of early moring farm work and school. If you have ever experienced or had someone testify to you about the labor of farming food crops, tobbaco, and cotton, you should know they are not easy tasks. Despite the back-breaking hard work year after year, our family pulled together to get the job done. What I remember most from that time period is the comfort of real home cooked food. Food that when eaten could heal your soul, or make a day that is not going so well seem suddenly not so bad. Generations of the past experienced food much differently than we do today and although change and progress are good, not everthing from the past needs to change. From the beginning of time great food has brought us together. We used it to celebrate occasions, have discussions over, bond with family and friends, and set the atmosphere for intimate relationships. I am Oletha Williams, A.K.A. "Nanna O", and what I want for my family and yours is to bring our country back together over great home cooked food. Create a new norm in this world for our children and grandchildren filled with fellowshiping that promotes acceptance, caring, loving and respecting each other as Jesus had intended when he died on the cross for all of us.


To reach this goal will take much more that your average chef so I was blessed with family that can complete the tasks at hand to my expectations. Nanna O's catering will lead the way with fresh locally sourced products prepared with time tested cooking techniques to deliver the best quality food that you have ever exprienced. We feel that cooking onsite will deliver the old school expericence of having that freshly prepared meal by your nanna at her house on Sunday evenings after church that can't be duplicated by others wishing to be our competition.


Introduction to the chef. I picked up a lot of knowledge of cooking soul food by watching and helping my mom prepare family meals.  I attended what I lovingly refer to as "the culinary institute of soul food" at my grandmother's house where I learned to perfect my techniques. I fell in love with the way really good food could make someone feel.  Soon, I put my skills to the test by taking over cooking for the family and treating my mother daily to meals I prepared in anticipation of her return from work.  Instantly I saw the difference my food made in her life as her spirits lifted.


A creative monster was born and he was hungry.  The more I began to cook, the more I found pleasure in doing so.  While cooking may be a chore for most, I find it to be as relaxing as a trip to your favorite spa or beach.  The thought of creating something which can influence the mood of someone else makes me extremely happy. I crave the challenge of turning someone's bad day into a good day because of my food or elevating the status of a great day to a perfect one with the aroma of one of my creations.  


I'm not satisfied with being good enough, I will be great. From taking private lessons with James Beard awarded chefs to catering for 700+ person private corporate events, I continue to display my gift to create a culinary symphony for the tastebuds by catering for all major holidays and events.




Elevating your food experience with real wood and charcoal grilling
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