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Southern Select Menu


We offer a Continental breakfast, American breakfast, and several breakfast sandwiches.


Fresh Pasteries

An assortment of muffins, bagels, croissants, and danish served with multiple flavors of jams, jellies, and cream cheese spreads.

Fresh Fruit

Fruit tray with your choice of a combination of cantaloupe, red & white seedless grapes, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, pineapples,watermelon, and red and green apples. (Any other special requested items my be added)


An assortment of breakfast cereals served with a choice of whole milk, 2% milk, or skim milk.



Available in standard and multigrain.


Available in buttermilk or multigrain.

Scrambled Eggs

Try our traditional scrambled eggs or Nanna's way- Mild cheddar cheese, lightly seasoned with herbs, and a mixed colored bell pepper melody. (cheese options are: extra sharp, 5 year aged super sharp cheddar, mild cheddar, blue cheese, and american cheese. Standard scrambled with the option of adding you choice of items like mushrooms, onions, or chives are available.)


Hickory smoked, applewood smoked, maple flavored and turkey bacon options are available.


Available protein options are chicken, pork, and turkey. We also have old school homemade links (hot or mild) and red hot links. Please check with us for availability in both link or patties in your selections.


Creamy grits blended with butter. Available options include 5 year super sharp cheddar, american, and horseradish cheese.


Choice of homemade biscuits, rye, wheat, or standard toast. (Served with jams, jellies, or cream cheese spreads.)


Sausage Patties and Link breakfast sandwich

Your choice of chicken, turkey, or pork sausage served on a biscuit, croissant, bagel, or bun. Options available with egg and cheese.

Bacon breakfast sandwich

Our delicious bacon served on your choice of biscuit, croissant, bagel, or bun. Bacon choices are hardwood smoked, applewood, hickory, maple, and turkey. Options available with egg and cheese.

Ham breakfast sandwich

We offer the options of old fashioned country ham and traditional breakfast ham served on your choice of biscuit, croissant, bagel, or bun. Options are available with egg and cheese.


Dishes made with beef.

Hamburger Steak

Our hamburger steaks are prime cuts of 100% grade A beef that's ground and blended with our special seasonings in house, cooked to perfection and slow simmered in homemade gravy and caramelized onions served with white rice or homemade garlic mash potatoes. (mushrooms are available)


100% fresh beef ground in house, seasoned with bacon, mixed peppers, onions, mushrooms, and a blend of spices.

Stew Beef & Rice

A hearty and slightly spicy stew that will leave you feeling satisfied. This dish is filled with beef, onions, carrots,potatoes, celery, and broccoli that is slow cooked for hours.

Pot Roast & Roasted Vegetables

After marinating and seasoning our beef we pair it with a combination of vegetables and fire roast it for hours with our blend of real wood and charcoal. This process allow us to produce a unique savory flavor to that elevates this timeless classic dish.

Smoked Neckbones

Nothing artificial here! This is a throwback to your nanna's day. Slow smoked with a blend of real wood and charcoal they are fall off bone tender and moist. (Enjoy them plain, with white rice, or with homemade mash potatoes & gravy)

Beef Ribs

A delicious treat for the beef lovers. Slow cooked with secret blend of wood chunks and charcoal after being dusted with our house seasoning that compliments the natural flavor of beef.


Dishes made with pork.

Pork Ribs

Once you taste these ribs you will know there is nothing commercial about there flavor. Prepared over real wood and charcoal, these ribs have a flavor you will recognize as backyard grilling. (Sauce options: Traditional BBQ, Honey BBQ, Spicy & Sweet, Raspberry Chipotle, Carolina Gold, and Nanna's Dry Rub) ***Choose from traditional cut spare ribs, Saint Louis style cut, standard cut baby backs, or nanna's cut baby back.

Pork BBQ

North Carolina is king when it comes to pork BBQ and this dish proves it. Our pork is slow cooked and smoked on the grill for hours until it's fall off the bone tender. Afterwards, we season it with our finishing spice blend and our homemade vinegar based sauce. Trust me when I say you have never had BBQ as flavorful as this. This is not the steamed, oven cooked meat you find in most commercial restaurants.

Grilled Pork Chops

Grilled over our special blend of wood and coals to infuse our signature taste that reminds you of a backyard cookout. These chops will leave you and your guest with an experience that is well beyond your expectations and fully satisfied.

Fried pork chops

Southern fried pork chops are a jewel of the south. Fried golden brown in color with a crispy southern spicy crust, you will find our pork chops satisfying and mouth wanting more. ( smothered with onions & gravy is available also) ***we can help you decide the thickness of cut to fit your menu***

Double bone grilled pork chop with homemade apples

This dish is available in a verity of cuts from thin to the grand double bone in cut. Served with homemade cinnamon slow cooked apples ready to be pared with the sides of your choosing to make help you enjoy the beauty of this dish.


Tender, juicy, slightly sweet, and smoked with a verity of wood chunks to accent its flavor.

Whole Hog Pulled Pork

Looking for a pleaser for your next event? Well this is it. Whole hog on the grill is the ultimate experience for any occasion regardless of the setting. The sights, sounds, and smell of the grill is truly a conversation piece that fills the atmosphere with anticipation of the dinning experience to come.


Dishes made with poultry.

Southern Fried Chicken

Hot, fresh, and seasoned with our special herbs and spices makes delicious the best word to describe our chicken and once you've tried it you will agree there is nothing like it anywhere.

Grilled BBQ chicken

Our flavorful grilled chicken topped with one of many flavors of BBQ sauce to chose from (Raspberry Chipotle, Spicy & Sweet, Vinegar Base, Original, Carolina Gold, and Honey BBQ)

Smoked Chicken

Garlic and herb seasoned chicken smoked over a blend of wood until tender and juicy. This chicken has the taste of being grilled mixed with the texture and juiciness of a rotisserie style cook.

Chicken & Dumplings

This dish will take you back to Sunday dinner at nanna's house with a hearty helping of our fire roasted chicken and tender handmade dumplings.

Chicken Gizzards

This is a must try for those who love gizzards and those who have never tried them. I assure you that they will be the most tender and most flavorful gizzards you will ever experience. Southern seasoned and fried golden brown you my find them to become addictive.

Smoked Turkey Wings

Covered in our savory spices and smoked with real wood leaves these wings fall off the bone tender and juicy.

Deep Fried Turkey

Once you've had turkey like this from us you'll never want it baked again. Our special process leaves this bird juicy and packed full of flavor. Our turkeys come in a verity of flavors such as Roasted Garlic and Herb, Ranch dry rub, Lemon Peppered, and Nanna's House Rub.


Dishes made with seafood.

Fried Fish

Southern food would not be complete without fresh fish. Always fresh, hand battered, hot, and seasoned to perfection is what our fish is all about. Available selections include catfish, trout, whiting, flounder, croakers, tilapia, spots, and swai. Whole fish options are available on select species ***Fried fish orders are available in our Southern style or Cajun style batter.***

Fish Nuggets and Fries

A southern treat made easy to eat. Our nuggets come available in catfish, whiting, and swai with your choice of Cajun or southern style batter.


Plump, spicy, and deep fried golden brown is how we do shrimp and you can have it southern style or Cajun. We are able to provide you with several sizes of shrimp from popcorn to jumbo.

Fried Oysters

We take only fresh oysters, hand batter them and lightly fry them up for your pleasure. Our oyster are available is all sizes to include "Selects" and we are able to provide you with a choice of Cajun or Southern style batter to satisfy your taste buds.

Grilled Shrimp

The most important thing about cooking grilled shrimp is to NOT overcook them and we have nailed it. We offer you a selection of several sizes and many flavors ranging from garlic & herb, curry, lemon peppered, nanna's house seasoning, cedar-wood citrus, hot mango habanero, salt & peppered, and blackened.

Grilled Salmon

Salmon is intended to be served super moist, full of flavor, and flaky and that's how we do it. Our seasoning and cooking techniques sets us far apart from our competitors and has helped make us the right choice when it comes to flavor and quality. We purchase the whole fillet which is fresh, never frozen. This allows us to hand cut your portions to the desired size you require to fit your needs.

Bay scallops

These scallops are much smaller than their relative the sea scallop and they are available two ways, grilled or fried. Fried scallops can be deep fried in Cajun or southern style batter.

Sea Scallops

These scallops are the best when it comes to pan searing or grilling. Pan-seared scallops are available in the following flavors: Cedar-wood citrus, blackened, lemon peppered, garlic & herb, and nanna's house seasoning. Deep fried scallops are available in Cajun or Southern Style batter.


Steak and Shrimp

Choose from New York Strip, Sirloin, T-Bone, Ribeye (bone-in or bone out). If you don't see it listed, just ask us about it and in most cases we can get it. Our steaks available in many flavor profiles such as traditional salt and black peppercorn, lemon pepper, roasted garlic and herb dry rub, hickory rub, mesquite, ranch, and bourbon & brown sugar. We marinade your steaks for at least 24 hrs before they are cooked. ***When grilled, the shrimp on these dishes is available in all of the above flavors and also cedar citrus.***

Grilled Salmon & Shrimp

We hand-cut our salmon fillets in house allowing us to deliver the freshest product as well as the best quality you could imagine. We use only fresh, never frozen fish which produces a flavor that will leave you fully satisfied. We offer the following flavor profiles: cedar wood citrus, lemon peppered, blackened, roasted garlic & herb, Nanna's house seasoning, mango habanero, and traditional salt and pepper. ***You can have the shrimp with this dish grilled with any of the above flavor profiles or deep fried.***

Ribs & Shrimp

Our ribs are in a class of their own! They are the thickest, meatiest, most flavorful ribs you will ever taste in your life. Grilled over a special combination of real wood logs and choice charcoal infuses our ribs with flavor you can smell and taste throughout the meat. We offer sizes in 1/3, 1/2, and a full rack to meet your event needs. The shrimp is available grilled with many flavor profiles as well as deep fried. ***Ribs are available dry rubbed also***

Fried Chicken & BBQ

This classic of the south is one that will not disappoint! We bring together two of our best products and give you true pleasure on a plate. This dish is always served fresh, hot, & juicy and it's by far the best version of this combination you will ever taste.

Swamp Platter Sampler

A sampling of our catfish nuggets, frog legs, & gator bites is truly a conversation piece at any event. This southern treat will certainly give your taste buds a reason to dance in your mouth.


Various southern side dishes.


Purchased fresh, our greens are prepared and seasoned in a way that will take you back to the care free days of childhood (seasoned with pork or turkey).


Fresh from local farmers and prepared with our down home technique, this item is something special.

String Beans

Full of flavor and seasoned with soul, these beans are something to remember.

Turnip Greens

This is old school at its best. Fresh and locally grown these greens will deliver that good country feeling you are looking for.

Broccoli & Cheese

Steamed, lightly seasoned, and served with or without cheese.

Butter Beans

Fresh from the farm, cooked and seasoned with smoked seasoning meat.

Sweet Peas

Fresh, seasoned, and slightly sweet.

Cole Slaw

100% homemade and truly a crowd favorite.

Baked Beans

You have never had beans like this! Full of flavor and packed with a blend of hamburger, peppers, and onions, this treat has everyone asking for mama's recipe.

Rice & Gravy

Fluffy long-grain white rice with homemade brown gravy.

Blackeyed Peas

This is truly a feel good item that will compliment any dish.

Sweet Corn

Fresh, sweet, and delicious, this side is available both on and off the cob.

Potato Salad

This southern classic is always a great choice and can be paired with just about any dish.

Mac & Cheese

We take the classic to the next level with homemade real maple bacon bits and jalapeno slices. Traditional style available also.

Candied Yams

These are the jewel of the south. Both savory and sweet, they are truly satisfying.

Sweet Potato Casserole

A must have for the sweet potato lovers. This dish elevates sweet potatoes to a different level and will truly be one you will remember.


Various types of fresh baked bread.

Hush Puppies

Made with just the right amount of sweetness and fried to a golden brown crisp that will melt in your mouth.


A slightly sweet and very moist addition that will top of any meal.

Homemade Biscuits

a southern classic to complete and meal.


Steak Salad

Romaine lettuce topped with croutons, tomato, red onions, shredded cheese, and freshly grilled steak waiting to be covered with your choice of salad dressing.

Chicken Salads

Romaine lettuce topped with croutons, tomato, red onions, shredded cheese, cucumber, bacon, and eggs, Topped with your choice of fried or grilled chicken.

Shrimp Salads

Romaine lettuce topped with croutons, tomato, red onions, shredded cheese, and your choice of grilled or fried shrimp.

Cesar Salads

Romaine lettuce topped with croutons, Parmesan cheese and house Cesar salad dressing.


Veggie Trays

Tell us what veggies you prefer and we will take care of the rest.

Fruit Trays

Tell us which items you want us to set up your trays with.

Meat & Cheese Trays

We offer a large variety of meats and cheeses to choose from so we can cover just about anyone's taste.

Shrimp Cocktail

Delicious plump shrimp with house made cocktail sauce.

Traditional Buffalo Wings

Our wings are by far the biggest and best around. We offer a variety of packages to fit just about any required amount you may need. Our flavors are Nanna O's dry rub, Frank's red hot dry rub or wet, lemon pepper, ranch dry rub, mango habanero, sweet chili, creamy ranch buffalo, Carolina Gold, BBQ, honey mustard, garlic Parmesan, and plain.

Grandpa Willie's Pork Skins

We cook our skins fresh when your order them. This light treat will satisfy your taste buds making it hard to eat just one. Try them plain or with seasoning salt, BBQ, Frank's red hot dry rub, ranch dry rub, or Nanna O's dry rub.

Bacon Wrapped Crab Jalapeno Poppers

Hand cut peppers filled with real crab claw meat wrapped in bacon.

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