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Food Truck Menu

To provide our customers with a more diversity we will rotate these items as well as items from our full menu onto this food truck menu


Sausage Patties and Link breakfast sandwich

Your choice of chicken, turkey, or pork sausage served on a biscuit, croissant, bagel, or bun. Options available with egg and cheese.

Bacon breakfast sandwich

Our delicious bacon served on your choice of biscuit, croissant, bagel, or bun. Bacon choices are hardwood smoked, applewood, hickory, maple, and turkey. Options available with egg and cheese.

Ham breakfast sandwich

We offer the options of old fashioned country ham and traditional breakfast ham served on your choice of biscuit, croissant, bagel, or bun. Options are available with egg and cheese.


Available in buttermilk or multigrain.

Scrambled Eggs

Try our traditional scrambled eggs or Nanna's way- Mild cheddar cheese, lightly seasoned with herbs, and a mixed colored bell pepper melody. (cheese options are: extra sharp, 5 year aged super sharp cheddar, mild cheddar, blue cheese, and american cheese. Standard scrambled with the option of adding you choice of items like mushrooms, onions, or chives are available.)


Hickory smoked, applewood smoked, maple flavored and turkey bacon options are available.


Creamy grits blended with butter. Available options include 5 year super sharp cheddar, american, and horseradish cheese.

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Old Fashioned Hamburgers

This burger will change your mind on what a burger should taste like. Seasoned with our special seasoning and grilled to perfection, this burger will be on your mind long after you're done.

Old Fashioned Hot dogs

You can look high and low but you will find no hot dog better than this. The way we prepare our dogs and serve them up on a toasted roll will make your taste buds do a dance and scream for more.

Sausage Dogs

Sweet Italian sausage, hot Italian sausage, or chorizo grilled and served on a bun with a melody of peppers and sweet onions.

100% Real Chicken Breast Sandwich

This is chicken breast at it's finest. We brine our chicken breast to infuse it with flavor and ensure it's full of flavor and juicy when it's served to you with the topping of your choice. Available options are southern fried regular, southern fried spicy, or grilled.

Lazy Daze Chicken Salad Sandwich

Our flavorful wood and charcoal seasoned chicken salad is topped with Roma tomato and provolone cheese and served on a fresh baked croissant.

Back Yard Grilled Smoked Turkey Salad Sandwich

Delicious all natural Turkey breast, wood roasted to add additional flavor, diced and combined with celery, chopped scallions, red grapes, and mayo, then topped with provolone cheese and served on a fresh baked croissant roll.


Slightly sweet and flavored over a wood and charcoal grill is what makes this sandwich a must try and great choice for those who love BBQ but prefer another option to pork products.

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

North Carolina is king when it comes to pork BBQ and this dish proves it. Our pork is slow cooked and smoked on a grill for hours until it's fall off the bone tender. Then it's seasoned with a finishing spice blend and our homemade vinegar based sauce.

Pork Chop Sandwich

Slightly spicy, southern fried until golden brown and served on a bun with your choice of lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, pickle, cheese, and onions (grilled option is also available).

Shrimp Wrap

Cooked on our grill top with our special seasonings leaving them plump and juicy to be served in a sun dried tomato or spinach flavored wrap with lettuce, shredded cheese, kicked up guacamole, onions, peppers, and our special sauce. Po-boy option available also grilled or deep fried.

Fish Fillet Sandwich

We use fresh tilapia fillets that we pan sear or deep fry to perfection and serve on a grilled bun with tartar sauce and lettuce. Tomato, cheese, and onions are available toppings.

Beef Brisket Sandwich

Treat yourself to a Texas classic done our way. Warm, juicy, and kissed with our wood blend on the grill makes this worth every penny you spend on it assuring you will not be disappointed.

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SNACK OPTION = bread only. PLATE OPTION= includes bread, two sides, and a drink.

Southern Fried Fish (snack or plate)

Always fresh, hand battered, hot, and full of flavor is how we do fish in the south. Catfish, trout, whiting, flounder, and tilapia are available.

Chicken Wing (snack or plate)

We brine and fry our chicken wings in a slightly spicy batter to create a delicious crispy crust leaving the wing juicy inside.

Pork BBQ

North Carolina is king when it comes to pork BBQ and this dish proves it. Our pork is slow cooked and smoked on the grill for hours until it's fall off the bone tender. Afterwards, we season it with our finishing spice blend and our homemade vinegar based sauce. Trust me when I say you have never had BBQ as flavorful as this. This is not the steamed, oven cooked meat you find in most commercial restaurants.

Ribs (snack or plate)

Once you taste these ribs you will know there is nothing commercial about them. Prepared over real wood, these ribs have a flavor you will recognize as backyard grilling. Rib options available in wet and dry rub.

Braised Beef brisket (snack or plate)

Seasoned and slow smoked for hours to seal in its juices makes our brisket the talk of the town.


Plump, spicy, and deep fried golden brown is how we do shrimp and you can have it southern style or Cajun. We are able to provide you with several sizes of shrimp from popcorn to jumbo.

Fish Nuggets and Fries

A southern treat made easy to eat. Our nuggets come available in catfish, whiting, and swai with your choice of Cajun or southern style batter.

Gator Bites (snack or plate)

Are you ready to take on this bayou predator? Done as only we can do in the south this deep fried treat will make you fall in love with the other white meat of the south.

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